Books And Dinosaurs

Last two weeks have been pretty hectic. Work, school assignments, guests and carpenters all fought for my attention. And the weather had been extremely hot all over last week. Now it is a much better. Schools still have about two weeks to go before they close down for the summer vacations.

My daughter has suddenly started taking interest in her studies, whether this is a passing phase or forever I have no idea. However,  the home work is getting done easily without  any screams and tears. She is getting ‘good’ and ‘very good’  for her work. Yesterday, while talking to the class teacher, she casually inquired-

‘Ma’am What’s the matter, I am getting ‘good’ and ‘very good’ for my work?

I stared at her stunned! As the hilarious situation dawned on me, I burst out laughing. My daughter cleverly implied that it had something to do with her teacher and not herself. She put the blame squarely on her teacher for not giving her a ‘good’ previously.

“What did the teacher say?”

“Teacher laughed”

Well there was hardly anything else she could have done.

While watching a program on dinosaurs she asked me about their eggs and the size of eggs. When I answered the questions and finally lost patience she looked at me with hurt looming in her eyes and accused me of a grave crime by saying.

“I ask you  because you must have seen the dinosaurs. Aapke bachpan mein to honge na mama”

How do I convince her that am not that  ancient?

Exasperated, I finally accepted that I had seen the  eggs and the giant animals too. Perhaps, I may have been one of them,  I shuddered while thinking. She shrugged at my expression and went away. I told her that if I was a mummy Dinosaur than she must have been my baby.

Hahaha!!!!!she laughed as a question popped.

“Oh, in that situation what did they teach me in school mama?”

Now that needed a real dinosaurous imagination to think …

Dumb and speechless it was easier to laugh. But my creative wheels are spinning perhaps I can write a tale of ‘Naughtiest Dinosaur in School’ on the lines of Enid Blyton.

Coming to Enid Blyton, I discovered a kid’s library near which delivers the books. They have a good collection.We will be joining this week. I want her to plunge into the fascinating world of books. She can choose according to her liking, but she should become aware of the pleasures of reading.

I am waiting for her to read Enid Blytons which I had really enjoyed and yes the classics too. If she would like to read Jane Austen we could read the Pride and Prejudice together. This time I would understand Mrs Bennett ‘s psychology better and not just think of Mr Bingley and My Darcy. That is for later with many years of reading in between.

There are so many books I would love to discuss with her. At present let me concentrate on the books for kids.

Note-I had written the blog in April this year.


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