Random Moments

Random Moments

It is wonderful to witness your child growing up. The quick silver moods resemble the sky with clouds and rains one moment while sunny skies the next. At the end of the day when your child is peacefully asleep you smile to glance along with extreme fondness. Writing about these sweet anecdotes in a diary is a great way to record.

When she is hungry she resembles a famished lion! I keep her hunger at bay and mostly am successful, but sometimes I fail. She realizes her temper soars when anger hits and asks me to remind her to eat. Many times she declares that there is ‘nothing’ for her to eat, and I helplessly stare at the loaded fridge with the fruits and snacks I have prepared. However, then that is a different story.

I am in awe with her dressing sense. She has a knack of picking up a great combination of dresses from her wardrobe. I realized this when she was about five years of age. She wore a short sleeved waist length black lehenga blouse, which had a pink pinstripe border with her Jeans and the result was elegant and stunning. She looked so lovely!

At times, of course it is not easy, when she dislikes all her dresses.  Mostly she finds something suitable.And there are days when she will wear the same T-shirt and jeans day in and day out. One day I almost had tears of frustration in my eyes when I saw her in that yellow ochre T-shirt for the seventh time in a row.  I was so choked with emotion that I could not speak.  When I asked her keeping my voice normal she walked away throwing a glance. It was a look of reproach for not buying her the new dress she had wanted.

She is too fond of her high heeled golden sandals. I had persuaded her to buy low heels, not very sure if she should be wearing heels at this age.  Once she insisted on getting a lip gloss.  I got her, a chap stick, and she is happy.  Do not know how soon she will find out.

I remember when she was about two years, one day she made me speechless.

“Mama kya karu kuch samaz nah I aa raa hai”

“Kya hua?”

I stared, admiring the long perfect sentence!

“Muze facial karana hai skin bada kharab ho raha hai!”

I burst out laughing. This was a direct result of listening to my conversation with a friend the other day who was complaining about her skin. My little one had picked the tone and manner impeccably.  Barring the baby voice the expression was just perfect!

Birthday parties see frenzied activity for about an hour or so. The whole household has to get involved in the process of her getting ready. The dress, hair accessories need to be selected approved by her. After getting ready she looks at me with anticipation and excitement. This is her opportunity to go through my perfumes and select one. Mostly it is Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel!

I don’t know when a mother and daughter become friends but yes it happens and the bond is strong. It is fun to glance through magazines and admire the dresses, bags and accessories together. I look forward to times when both of us would go shopping and choose things for each other. When we will share books to read and discuss them. When we will sit at a café and talk excitedly about our shopping expedition and enjoy a cup of coffee!


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