Review-Pee Safe and Jungle Magic

I received a Jungle Magic Hand Sanitizer for kids and PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer from Thanks to Swapna and Pratibha for the two very useful products.

PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer

My daughter had to go on a school trip with one-night stay in a hotel. Though the school ensured it was a good hotel with high standards of hygiene I was still worried. Using the hotel toilets was an issue. However, a great product Pee safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer came to my rescue. I tried it at home and was impressed. I packed this small bottle with my daughter’s travel things and instructed her on its use. She found it very convenient.

Pee safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer is a disinfectant that can be used for toilet seats; door handles and flush knobs to prevent bacterial and viral infections. The company claims that it offers 99.99% sanitization from toilet borne diseases in just 5 seconds by eliminating germs like Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli.

The pros
•    Convenient to use
•    Travel friendly
•    Kills 99.99% germs on the sprayed surfaces
•    Alcohol free
•    Dries quickly without ant residue
•    Nice fragrance
•    Environment friendly

The Cons
I found no disadvantages. It is economically priced at Rs 120 per bottle.

Jungle Magic kid’s Sanitizer

This product also came at a perfect time for my daughter to take it with her.
The little bottle of Jungle Magic kid’s sanitizer is designed well to attract kids. The sanitizer feels like regular sanitizer without any special fragrance, but the product comes from Piramal Healthcare and promises to be kid friendly. It can be used by kids above three years of age for hand hygiene and sanitation. Some regular sanitizers are profited for children. Jungle Magic Kid’s sanitizer protects children from germs and infection. I tried it at home and feel it is good for children, especially outdoors or while travelling. I was happy to that this is kid-friendly.

Price Rs 60 per bottle

Do I recommend these products? Yes

Both these products are available online at


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