Freedom to Be

The Independence Day comes over again and our Tricolour freely soars in the August sky. It flutters and sways in the wind.


This is how our life should flow through the winds of destiny. With all kinds of freedom, the freedom to be what you ‘are’ is extremely important. Today, I watch my daughter with a happy smile.  A confident eleven years old, comfortable in being whoever she is.

Few years back I remember she suddenly became an introvert, hesitant child. What exactly had triggered this was not obvious, though. As a mother, I helplessly watched her going into a shell.
I was aware this would require a lot of love, acceptance and patience. I did not want to hurt her in any way. The fragile emotions were delicate and precious.After introspecting, discussing and researching I decided to convey the message through a story.

She had always enjoyed bed-time story sessions. As a toddler she would often give me subjects to create a story around. These story sessions would continue until she fell asleep.
While conversing, I realised that she had been comparing herself with her friends.
This is a trap we fall into. No one can help us to find our unique abilities. That discovery solely depends on us.

I wrote a story of a sad peacock who thought he looked dull. This peacock waited for someone to help identify his strengths. A squirrel who became his true friend helped him discover his talent. The colours were a gift from his friends as a token of appreciation.
This story helped my daughter immensely. She would listen to it almost every day and slowly things changed.

Today, she is a cheerful well-adjusted child. She is aware of her strengths and comfortable with her weaknesses. This is the real freedom.

This story has been published by Mangoreader. It is award winning reading library. It is an amazing resource for kids, parents, teachers, readers, writers and artists. Digitally interactive stories enhance imagination and creativity.

I appreciate Artika Ranjan’s contribution in creating lovely illustrations for this story.

Do read and share this story with young readers.

The Peacock’s Secret

Peacock's Secret

Happy Independence Day !


Nurturing Creativity

Creating something with your hand has its pleasures. I always wanted to share these creative spaces with my child. From August, we decided that once a week we will make or create some art of craft together. Inspiration struck from a very unusual object. My daughter had just finished a tin of Pediasure. As I was about to throw it away I saw some potential in that shape, it could be made into a nice pen/pencil holder. Pens and pencils have an uncanny ability to walk anywhere in our house and often sleep on our bed. This would help me kill two birds I thought. The pens and pencils would go to their home to rest for the night.



The Tin

One rainy morning we took out the box of assorted craft materials. This box stores sequins, ribbons, buttons in all shapes and size, bits of colour paper, bindis, threads, wool and other stuff.

We took a white sheet and made some designs. It was nice to see my daughter sitting with slightly bent head and concentrating on getting the design right. As she is a perfectionist, there were moments of angry tantrums. However, we finally managed to complete it. With some glue, it was neatly pasted on the tin.

Ribbons and glitter made the design shine. Here was a lovely piece.



Smart Holder

Another session saw us with few white sheets some crayons and glue. This was something I had learned as a child. On many occasions, I had successfully crafted this basket of flowers, which looked lovely. Practice had made me perfect!

You will need.

A4 size sheets (we managed to use two, economy and conservation)


Pencil and an eraser


Fold the paper and draw a basket and cut. You will have two sides of the basket. Similarly draw handles and cut.  Try to have elongated handles so that the flowers fit in properly.

Then draw few flowers in different shapes and colour. Cut strips and colour them green to make the stem. With some scraps of paper and cut strips add colour. Then cut them into 1 or 2 inch strips.


Shapes at Glance

Stick the strips to flowers. The small strips on the front of the basket will make it look like a basket. Apply glue to the basket on the three sides to make the basket. Stick the handle and arrange the flowers by adjusting the stems. A colourful basket is ready.


Basket of Blooms


By the time we finished it was about 11.30 at night. And yes we had a lovely time.