Connect Faster with 4G Airtel

From pigeon mail to snail mail to telegrams and wireless to land line phones and cordless to pagers and mobiles and then to Smartphones we have come a long way.

There was a time when you had to book a call and wait for it to happen.  Sometimes you waited for hours before you could hear the voice of your loved one in another city, and if it was a small town, then it was a test of your patience.

Connectivity was through telephone exchanges where you booked your calls and waited in a queue for endless hours. Overseas calls would take longer and were exorbitantly priced. It was tough and people hardly called except in emergencies.

Then times changed and we got the STDs or Standard Trunk Dialling system that offered us the convenience of dialling a city code to connect.

It was better way as you could directly call and there was no need to call through the telephone exchange. However, the calls were expensive and people preferred to call after 10 pm when the rates were lowest. A long ring on a land line announced a long-distance call and was exciting.  Families would wait for these 10 pm calls.

Then we got the cell phones or mobiles. A mobile phone connected you through a radio link that made it possible to make and receive calls while moving around a wide geographic area. This was done through the cellular network provided by the mobile phone operators. These stylish gadgets become very popular. It was a style statement to carry a mobile.

However, calls were expensive and incoming calls were also charged. If anyone called,  you shared the bill for that call. Slowly, the mobile bills reduced as more companies entered and competition provided more options to the customer. With technological changes, mobile calls became affordable.

Today, Mobile phones together with standard features offer many useful facilities like text messaging, MMS and email, short-range wireless communications like Bluetooth, Internet access, gaming, business applications. These mobiles are called Smart phones. It is so easy today to connect, share, and respond to friends and family. You carry your office with you as the world works almost 24×7.

With Airtel 4G, things are definitely going to be fascinating. We will be able to access rich content and multimedia applications as movies easily. It will enable downloading heavy files or high-definition multimedia content at the same time.

I would love to experience seamless online streaming and forget the buffering. Face-to-face video chatting seems like the icing over the cake.

Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services, nationwide across 296 cities. It is offering 4G at 3G prices. You can get your 4G SIM home delivered for free.
Welcome 4G we look forward to having you in our life!